Timing is everything…

January 17, 2018featured, press
Introducing Shitface, a font made by Hugo and kerned by me. What better time to release this typeface the week Trump once again proved he's an *hole.

Journal at Marc’s & Spencer

September 15, 2015featured, press

On a recent travel to London Hans had the great pleasure of seeing Journal being used at Marc’s & Spencer for their Simply series. SaveSave SaveSave

I Heart New York

March 3, 2014font release, projects

I enjoyed NY for a week before leaving for SxSW, Austin TX. I walked for miles through Manhatan and ended up making this display font. Now you enjoy a pice of NY, check it out here… SaveSave SaveSave

Stencil or Die – NEW RELEASE!

November 1, 2007font release

It’s out! Please enjoy the latest release from Fontourist. Make a mark, why not start of with Stencil or Die. Comes in 3 flavors, Regular, Italic and of course the dingbat. Go Spary!

a Postcard for you, and you, and…

January 1, 2006projects

Want to get a postcard from the Fontourist? Fill in your name & home address at the right. (remember your full name & address). Hey, send me one as well:-) UPDATE… This project rolled for a few months, got som nice postcards myself and emails thanking for the greeting. Postcards were sent to: Japan Australia … Read More


January 1, 2006font release

Finally, about time you say. Well I hope the wait has been worth while. I’m curious to see how you make use of DeathMix, so please mail me your designs. Best of all it’s free:-) SaveSaveSaveSave

HubaHuba featured in Creative Review

October 1, 2005featured, press

Along side Carlos Segura and his type project, CarType, my dingbat font HubaHuba was displayed in their car issue. HubaHuba was based on hub cap designs found while walking the streets of San Francisco as a student, good times:-)

HubaHuba in Carl’s Cars magazine

November 1, 2004featured, press

HubaHuba was used as background design elements over several spreads in the no 6 issue of Carl’s Cars magazine (a car culture magazine). Art director Stephanie Dumont. Carl’s car go check them out. HubaHuba was based on hub cap designs forund while walking the streets of San Francisco as a student, good times:-) SaveSave