Name Shitface

Style Display + Dingbat
Details Regular
Version 1.1
Format TTF/OTF (Mac/PC)

Shitface is an organic font in the truest sense. Yes, it is made of dog poo. On a very cold day in Norway, these samples were collected and almost thrown away. Luckily the potential for a new font presented itself. With this font, you can write a text which will have a double meaning. Who wouldn't be offended upon receiving a note typed with Shitface?

Hugo is a Dandie Dinmont Terrier, a really cool guy who rolls over if there is any chance of a chest scratch and pat. I guess he's as proud of this typeface as I am. He is my dog and we look alike.

Meet Hugo, the father of this very special font. Without him this typeface would not have been possible.

Shitface in the making:


  • Use for personal project
  • Test before you donate



  • Full global usage rights
  • Cross media embedding


shitface Regular
Shitface Dingbat