Name Shitface Style Display + Dingbat Details Regular Version 1.1 Format TTF/OTF (Mac/PC) Get This FontShitface is an organic font in the truest sense. Yes, it is made of dog poo. On a very cold day in Norway, these samples were collected and almost thrown away. Luckily the potential for a new font presented itself. [...]


Name Journal Style Handwriting Details Regular, Bold & Dingbat Version 2.1 Format TTF/OTF (Mac/PC) Get This FontJournal started out as a commissioned font for a supermarket chain. I have continued complementing Journal, adding a full international character set. It has been a donationware for a few years now and has passed 3.000.000!!! downloads. I see [...]


Name STENCIL or DIE Style Display Regular, Italic & Dingbat Details Uppercase only Version 1.0 Format TTF (Mac/PC) Get This FontWas born out of my interest for skateboarding and graffiti culture. It's a mashup of the skate or die slogan and the rough and geometric stencils for spraying words an marks. It has 2 styles, [...]


Name Street Art Tribute Style Dingbat Details Uppercase and lower case Version 1.0 Format TTF (Mac/PC) Get This FontOk so this font is a homage to all those streetartists making life a little bit more interesting, fun and provocative. From travelling around the globe we've made a pick and generated a font from our most [...]


Name HubaHuba Style Dingbat Details Uppercase only Version 1.0 Format TTF (Mac/PC) Get This FontHubaHuba was my first font/Dingbat, created while studying in San Francisco. I took a digital font design class. It is based on hubcap designs, I found so many interesting designs walking the streets of SF. Always bringing my Nikon FM2, to [...]